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Specialty cables and braided sleevings


Miniature ceramic insulated wires for very high temperatures

thermocouple cable couplix

High temperature thermocouple and extension cables

aerospace and military cables electroair

Aerospace and Defense wires and cables

High flexible instrumentation cables

Highly flexible instrumentation and control cables

thermoplastic wires and cables plastherm

Thermoplastic and TPE wires and cables

Custom cables

Industrial and Custom cables

silicone wire and cable silicable

Specialty high temperature wires and cables

Flexible medium voltage cables

Medium voltage class H 180°C power cables

safety cables for extreme temperatures siliflam

Safety cables for extreme temperatures and fire related applications

ETFE, FEP or PFA wires and cables siliflon

Fluoropolymer insulated high temperature wires and cables

High temperature insulating sleeving siligaine

High temperature braided insulating sleevings

braided or extruded tubes

Braided or extruded tubes

RTD sensor cables sondix

RTD sensor cables

Varpren special cross linked elastomer wires and cables

Wires and cables with special cross-linked Varpren® insulation

Flexible heating cords, cables and elements


Electric Heat Tracing Cables


Heating Cords


Heating Belts


Heating Tapes