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Flexible heating cables, cords and elements

OMERIN USA Cable Manufacturer

Heat trace solutions

Our "Flexible Heating Cable" solutions are used for electrical heat tracing, temperature maintenance and frost protection for the refrigeration and petrochemical sectors: constant wattage heating cables, serial heating cables, self-limiting cables, cords, tape heating cables, and many more. Total control over manufacturing processes and unique expertise with heating cables enable us to anticipate frost protection and electrical heat tracing needs for the most exposed installations. 

FLEXTRACE CW Constant Wattage Heating Cables

Constant wattage heating cables

Developed for short and medium distance, our FLEXTRACE® CW heating cables are the best solutions for your process temperature maintenance or refrigeration applications
FLEXTRACE SR Series Heating Cables

Series heating cables

Our FLEXTRACE® SR technology enables electric heat tracing for circuit lengths up to 12,000 ft with a single power supply point. Available with its connection kits FLEXKIT SR POWER, JUNCTION, END
FLEXCORD Flexible Heating Cords

Flexible Heating Cords

Discover our wide range FLEXCORD® of flexible heating cords. Used for applications requiring protection against freezing or temperature maintenance. Available in PVC, Silicone or Fluoropolymer insultation.
Flexible Heating Elements

Flexible Heating Elements

We also provide to our customers several flexible heating elements for their specific applications: Heating belts for refrigeration compressors, Aluminium heater mats, Tapes for electric motors...