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Quality and certificates

Processes, Tests and Quality Controls

Processes, Tests and Quality Controls

The use of noble materials such as silicone, fibreglass, mineral fibre, fluoropolymer, polyimide, mica, meta-aramid, polyolefine and other special thermoplastic and elastomer insulation enables us to propose a wide range of high-performance products that can be used in a large number of applications and in very diverse markets.

Our R&D, in close coordination with our Applied Research Laboratories, works every day to develop new products and solutions that meet the specifications of our customers, comply with the highest standards, and withstand the most extreme operating conditions. Our Process and Industrialisation Engineering teams continue to optimise and modernise our processes, tools and production systems.

Before they are introduced on the market, all the products of the OMERIN Group undergo numerous tests and quality controls at each step in the production process, from their development through to final packaging. The safety of our products is a top priority for us.

Our US Facility OMERIN USA, Inc. QS Technologies division is ISO 9001 certified for manufacturing and sales of wire and cable.