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miniature ceramic insulated wire 500°C

Miniature ceramic insulated wires for very high temperatures



Type : electrical wire
Core : copper / nickel support
Insulation : Cerafil® insulation
Standard products : color coding = Grey
Range width : AWG 41 to 18
Use : This miniature and very high temperature wire has been designed to allow the manufacturing of extremely reliable windings capable of withstanding any thermal overload (mechanical heating, short-circuit, location with thermal risk, etc.). In addition, thermocouple cables with CERAFIL® type ceramic insulation can be made upon request to measure temperature in contained environments subject to extreme heat
A few precautions when using : Ceramic is very different from traditional insulations. It is a rigid, hydrophilic material that requires special care when using. CERAFIL® must be stored in a
dry environment and handled with care, without mechanical mistreatment (folding, traction, etc.). It must be stripped using fine grain sandpaper. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
General characteristics
Benefits : • Excellent radiation resistance
• Totally non-combustible at temperatures over 1,000°C CERAFIL® may melt but cannot catch fire
• Inert to usual and organic solvents
Thermal characteristics
Operating temperature : -90°C to +500°C
Electrical characteristics
Voltage ratings : 150 Vac / 212 Vdc, Test voltage (1 min)
Approvals - Standards
OMERIN INNOVATION : CERAFIL®, a ceramic-insulated wire for very high temperatures is the result of several years of research in our laboratory. Our team of engineers has developed ground-breaking technology that deposits ceramic on a lead wire of very small diameter. (from AWG 41)


CERAFIL® CN8 Miniature ceramic insulated wires for very high temperatures FTUS-6103

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