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Special cable QS TECH

Custom cables



Type : electrical cable
Conductors , shielding : bare copper, tin-plated copper, nickel-plated copper, silver-plated copper, nickel, silver, aluminum, resistance alloys, thermocouple alloys, stainless steel, galvanized steel, PET/aluminum tape, miscellaneous metals & alloys
Insulation materials : PVC, PE, TPE, PU, miscellaneous thermoplastics, ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE, silicone rubber, mica, fiberglass, polyimide, para-aramids, meta-aramids, high temperature fibers
Know-how and technologies : • Bunching
• Extrusion form .005” WT (wall thickness) to 1.5” O.D (outside diameter)
• Braiding
• Wrapping, taping, sintering
• Winding
• Inkjet & contact printing, color striping, laser skiving
example of products : • QS TECH® MY2BE-E6
Hybrid cables 4 x AWG 24 + AWG 6
Developed for the power supply and control / command for industrial applications
Submersible cable developed for high temperature water, CSA Compliant Wet 90°C Dry 105°C(for more information, consult our FTUS-6104 datasheet)
Use : This range of composite & special cables is intended for cutting-edge sectors like aerospace, military applications, robotics, medical applications, oil exploration, industry, etc
General characteristics
Customised solution : Our Design Office is made up of experienced engineers who are specialists in metallurgy, plastics manufacture, electromagnetic compatibility, micromechanics, data transmission, etc. It will provide you with a fast, precise response by developing an QS TECH® in line with the miscellaneous and complex constraints of your applications.
High performance : QS TECH® cables are tested extensively at all production stages to ensure top quality and to meet your requirements. Our laboratory has the resources to test and validate the physical, mechanical, chemical, electrical and fire-resistance behavior of the cables we produce.
Technical expertise : Thanks to our expertise and total mastery of our electrical cable manufacturing processes, our R&D engineers have developed the QS TECH® range.


QS TECH® Custom cables FTUS-6101

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