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Insulated & jacketed Unshielded



Type : multi-conductor cable
Core : stranded or solid nickel plated copper
Insulation : fluoropolymer FEP insulation
Shielding : braid, optional drain wire
Jacket : fluoropolymer FEP jacket
Standard products : color coding = ICEA/NEMA Method 1 E-1 (formerly K-1)
Range width : AWG 18 to 16 (Inners UL 66)
AWG 14 to 6 (Inners UL 83A)
Use : tray cable is a versatile cable approved for use in raceways and cable trays. They come in multi-conductors cables, and can be used for controland power
General precaution of use : • Can be used indoors to power parts of a home, office building or other structures. Other installations approved for building wire
• Can be used outdoors
• Will work even if exposed from conduit to equipment
• Must be supported every six feet
• Must meet exposed run requirement of the property it is on
General characteristics
Benefits : • Excellent chemical resistance
• Excellent heat and weather resistance
• Enhanced fire performance
Thermal characteristics
Operating temperature : -90°C to +200°C
Electrical characteristics
Voltage rating : 600 V
Approvals - Standards
Compliance UL/cUL : • UL 1277 Type TC File E517270
• cUL & CSA (AWM I/II A/B)
• UL 66 or UL 83A (for inners)
• ANSI/NFPA 70 (NEC) Article 336
• NEC Articles 318 and 340
• NEC Article 725
• RoHS Compliant


SILIFLON® TC 200°C FEP Insulated & jacketed Unshielded FTUS-5101

Technical data sheet

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